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Awbrey Butte Evacuation Plan

In response to questions from Owners on the topic of "Evacuation plans" for Awbrey Butte, in the event of an approaching wildfire, attached is a flyer created by the Deschutes County Sheriffs Office. This document outlines the three stages of Evacuation Alerts (Ready-Set-Go), as well as possible evacuation routes off the Butte.

We should note, while there are several routes highlighted in GREEN there are no specific recommendations on which route(s) to use as it all depends on which direction a Forest Fire might be approaching West Bend / Awbrey Butte. And therefore which direction folks should head in order to be safe.

We highly recommend that you familiarise yourself with at least 3 different routes to get off the Butte from your house. Keeping in mind that in the event of an evacuation order there will be lots of folks trying to depart within the same general timeframe. So having options is a good thing!


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