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Fieldstone Management is Our New Community Manager

For the past several months, the Board of Directors has been meeting with, and evaluating, community management companies in order to find a company that can consistently provide the level of service, communication, and professionalism that our Association requires.

At the most recent Board meeting, the Directors voted to retain Fieldstone Management, as our community manager. They will assume that role tomorrow, Monday October 20. All files, records, and open cases and applications will transfer to Fieldstone. All owner communication and inquiries should now be directed to Fieldstone.

Fieldstone Management
(541) 385-7799

 Bruce Lepore 

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 700, Bend OR 97709

Street Address: 532 SW 13th Street, Suite 201, Bend OR 97702
FAQ of the Month
What is the Process for Removing Trees?
To maintain the natural beauty of Awbrey Butte, the Awbrey Butte Owners Association has established guidelines for the removal of trees from any improved or unimproved lot within Awbrey Butte.
Trees that are larger than 6" diameter (19" circumference), at the base may not be removed without prior written approval from the Architectural Review Committee.
Unapproved tree removal can result in fines being incurred. The fines for unapproved tree removal can range from $750 to $1,500 per tree, depending on the size of the tree. 
Restoration work may also be required to mitigate the loss of screening previously provided by any removed trees.
Bend Fire Department advises that it is usually not necessary to remove established trees for fire safety reasons.

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Association News
Requests from Bend Fire Department

Bend fire has asked us to pass on two requests, in the interest of public safety.
Keep fire hydrants clear of snow so they are clearly identifiable and immediately accessible.
Make sure that the address numbers on the light posts are not obscured by snow and that the lights are operable.
Following these suggestions may help save precious time in an emergency situation.
The Architectural Review Process Helps Protect Our Property Values
The architectural review process helps protect our property values by maintaining the architectural standards and integrity of our community.
Prior approval is required for all building and landscaping modifications, tree removal, green houses, play structures, exterior painting, and any exterior additions, or remodeling. Any change to a previously approved building or landscape approval requires prior approval
Failure to obtain prior approval from the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) can result in fines and an order to remove or restore the work that was done. 
The Committee meets on the first and third Friday of each month.
For more information, call Bruce Lepore, with Fieldstone Management, at (541) 385-7799.


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