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Firewise Community Certification


At the March 16 Board meeting, the Board of Directors voted to begin the process of becoming a certified Firewise Community. There are many benefits to the Firewise program including access to educational materials, regular reviews of our wildfire safety preparedness, and improved access to grant funds for wildfire abatement work, such as last year's free flammable debris pick up.

As a community, we have already done much of the wildfire abatement work that the program calls for and that work will be credited towards our certification. The program will give us a nationally recognized set of standards and processes to base our future wildfire abatement efforts on.

Our partnership with Bend Fire, Project Wildfire and Deschutes County will continue, as will our participation in FireFree events. These activities will now happen within the framework of the Firewise program.

We are in the process of forming a Firewise Committee to lead the process and will be distributing additional information about the Firewise program. Email the Board of Directors, if you are interested in learning more about serving on this committee.


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