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Vacation Rental Resolution

For the past several months, the Board of Directors has been discussing how to respond to the recent changes within the vacation rental business, as a result of the growing popularity of online sites such as AirBnB, Flipkey, and similar sites. This issue has recently received a lot of publicity as cities across the nation wrestle with how to regulate vacation rentals. The City of Bend recently established a Task Force to examine the issue and make recommendations to the City Council. The Board of Directors has a responsibility to respond to developments such as this to preserve the intended nature of our community. After discussing the issue, hearing from concerned owners, and consulting with the Association's attorney, the Directors adopted a Resolution to prohibit rental of homes within Awbrey Butte for any period less than thirty (30) days. This requirement will not infringe on the rights of owners to rent their homes in the traditional sense but it will help preserve the residential nature of our community.


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