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View of snow capped Mt. Jefferson from Awbrey Butte
Living in Awbrey Butte


Elevated 500 feet above downtown Bend, Awbrey Butte Homesites is a beautiful enclave of 782 home sites.  Each home site has been individually located to provide privacy and maximize the views of both the downtown and city skyline as well as the Cascade Mountains.  Numerous hiking trails are found all around Awbrey Butte.  The landscape is filled with Ponderosa pine trees and other native vegetation, which allows Awbrey Butte to maintain the wonderful outdoor look and feel of Central Oregon while playing host to many of the most beautiful homes Bend has to offer. 

Awbrey Butte home with Cascade Range in the background
Living in a Planned Community


The developer of Awbrey Butte organized the subdivision under the Oregon Planned Community Act. 
Planned communities are governed by legal documents, including CC&Rs and Bylaws, which are recorded with the deed to the property.  These documents establish certain rights and responsibilities for homeowners, in order to enhance the livability of the community and protect owners’ property values.
Additional documents, including Rules & Regulations and Design & Construction Guidelines, are approved by a Board of Directors, elected by the homeowners.  These documents provide more detail in order to implement the general principles established in the CC&Rs and Bylaws.
The members of the Board of Directors are homeowners who volunteer their time and are elected by their fellow owners.  The Managing Agent is a private firm contracted by the Board to collect assessments, pay bills, oversee vendors who maintain the common areas, and perform other duties.
Upon purchasing property in a planned community, owners become legally bound to share the costs of maintaining the common assets and to abide by the rules and design guidelines.  While most owners desire the benefits of a planned community, the restrictions are not for everyone.  It is important to review the governing documents before buying property in a planned community like Awbrey Butte, in order to be sure that the arrangement is compatible with your preferences and lifestyle.

Building in Awbrey Butte


Designs for new homes must be reviewed and approved by the Architectural Review Committee (ARC), prior to beginning construction. While there is no one style of homes required. each new home must be designed with high architectural standards and be compatible with the surrounding homes. The Awbrey Butte Owner's manual contains detailed information about the architectural standards, as well as the review and approval process.



Kayaking on the Deschutes River in Bend Oregon
About Bend, Oregon


Bend is frequently ranked in various "best town" lists and offers a wide range of outdoor recreation, as well as a vibrant restaurant scene, lots of live music and has also became a leading craft brewing center. World class skiing and snowboarding, mountain biking, kayaking, golfing, fly fishing and much more are only a short drive away.


In recent years, Bend has also become a center for business and technology innovation and has become home to entrepeneurs from all over the nation.

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Kayaking on the Deschutes River - Awbrey Butte in the Background